Planning a trip and book a flight

→ You can book a flight on our website, with or without extra options.
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→ Do you want to add an extra option, you can manage your booking.
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If you would like to book a group for ten (10) or more passengers traveling, please contact us directly, your ticket office, or your travel agent.

Check-in or manage/ change my booking

Yes, if you booked through our website, or a WINAIR sales office, you will be able to check-in online 24 hours before their schedule departure.
Go to online check-in

Not able to check in and or get your boarding pass?
No worries, you can always check in at the airport and obtain your boarding pass there. Just make sure to arrive on time so our agents can help you.


If you have booked a connecting flight with WINAIR and another airline, there is a distinction between independently bought tickets or interline tickets.
Read more on connecting flights and baggage check through.
Due to the size of our DHC Twin-Otter aircraft and baggage compartment, WINAIR can't accept certain excessive sizes or weights and special charges may apply. Detailed information and requirements can be found on our special baggage page.
All baggage over and above the regular baggage allowance of twenty kilos (23 kg) or fifty pounds (50 lbs.) per adult/child passenger and excluding the items mentioned above as personal items will be charged for at the appropriate baggage rate as can be found on our baggage page.
Each passenger is allowed one (1) carry-on bag which is subject to a maximum weight as detailed on our cabin luggage page.
If you can't find your bags or notice damage or pilferage of your baggage, see a WINAIR agent at the airport after landing. The agent will assist you with filling out a Property Irregularity Report form. Keep a copy of this form and its reference number to use when filing a claim. Please contact our customer relations department as soon as possible.

Suggestions, Complaints, Fares and Refunds

If you have traveled with Winair and you noticed a safety or security issue, please report this to our Safety & Security Team: go to Safety Reporting Portal

Your report allows us to identify and address potential hazards before they become accidents. Every single report, big or small, helps us:
• Spot risks: Your frontline experience is invaluable! Report anything that concerns you, even near misses.
• Prevent incidents: By addressing issues early, we keep everyone safe, passengers and crew alike.
• Continuously improve: Safety is a journey, not a destination. Your reports help us find better ways to operate.

We appreciate your help as we work together for a safer tomorrow.
All of our tickets are non refundable; however under certain conditions unused transportation may be converted to credit.
Email us: reservations@fly-winair.com for more information on our refund policies or to receive your credit voucher.

Special Requests

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