Yes, a passenger may carry free of charge, any of the personal articles listed here
Effective April 14, 2022 we have enhanced our product offering. You will now have a greater choice to suit your specific travel needs and the type of fare you book determines your free checked bags, the lower fares may not include a free checked baggage. Our range of fare options are Full Flex, Semi Flex, Basic, Web Saver.

Before you continue with your booking, make sure you familiarize yourself with the new baggage rules.
on our main baggage page
Due to the size of our DHC Twin-Otter aircraft and baggage compartment, WINAIR can't accept certain excessive sizes or weights and special charges may apply. Detailed information and requirements can be found on our special baggage page.
All baggage over and above the regular baggage allowance of twenty kilos (23 kg) or fifty pounds (50 lbs.) per adult/child passenger and excluding the items mentioned above as personal items will be charged for at the appropriate baggage rate as can be found on our baggage page.
Checked baggage will be restricted to an absolute maximum. All details baggage page.
Each passenger is allowed one (1) carry-on bag which is subject to a maximum weight as detailed on our cabin luggage page.
If you can't find your bags or notice damage or pilferage of your baggage, see a WINAIR agent at the airport after landing. The agent will assist you with filling out a Property Irregularity Report form. Keep a copy of this form and its reference number to use when filing a claim. Please contact our customer care department as soon as possible.

Children & Unaccompanied Minors

Yes, you can book a reservation for your child/children online.
Approved infant seats are accepted in the cabin when an additional seat is purchased at a child's fare for the infant.
small[Note: Bassinets, infant seats and strollers may be accepted as checked baggage at no extra charge, and are not considered part of the customer's free baggage allowance.]
Unfortunately we don't accept any unaccompanied minors due to safety reasons as there are not flight attendants on board our aircrafts.
One child over seven days old and under twenty-four months of age not occupying a seat is carried at a fee of 90% of the adult fare when included in the booking of the accompanying adult passenger.

Fares and Refunds

All of our tickets are non refundable; however under certain conditions unused transportation may be converted to credit.

Email us: reservations@fly-winair.com for more information on our refund policies or to receive your credit voucher.
Our flights are capacity controlled, which means as each flight sells, your fare may no longer be available. All fares are quoted as "currently" and are only guaranteed at the time of purchase. Winair offers a range of fares. All fares are subject to change until purchase.

Payment Methods

Yes, we accept cash for payment at all Winair Ticket Offices. NV cheques are accepted, personal cheques are not. Payment with cheques must be done at least seven (7) days before travel departure.
We accept Discover, MasterCard and Visa.


We only transport small domestic pets, such as dogs, cats and small domestic birds. A Pet in Cabin cannot weigh more than six kilos (6kgs.) or thirteen pounds (13lbs.). Pets transported in the cargo compartment must not exceed a maximum of thirty-two kilos (32kg) or seventy pounds (70lbs), including kennel. Pets must in approved kennels for transport and must be confirmed by our reservations department.

More details about traveling with your pet can be found on our Pets page or
Email us at reservations@fly-winair.com
If your pet travels in the cabin, with a maximum weight of six kilos (6 kg) or thirteen pounds (13lbs.) the charges are 40 US dollars per pet (80 US dollars per round trip).

Live animals in hold are carried at our present excess baggage rates.

Service animals trained to assist customers with disabilities may be accepted in the cabin at no charge.

in all cases, you need to notify and receive confirmation from WINAIR. More details about traveling with your pet can be found on our Pets page
For a pet in cabin the carrier should not exceed 11x11x18
For pet in hold your pet's container/kennel must not exceed 45" length x 32" width x 42" height.

More details about traveling with your pet can be found on our Pets page
The number of pets allowed in the cargo compartment is subject to space availability; therefore, you must contact us directly to book your reservation when traveling with a pet. You can email us at reservations@fly-winair.com

And for more details about traveling with your pet can be found on our Pets page.


If you do not want or can’t book online, you can always come to our sales office on Airport Road #69, Simpson Bay, St. Maarten, Dutch Caribbean.

Our agents at the airports in most destinations could also assist you with your reservations.

But you can also book your Winair tickets at any travel agency world wide!
Please contact us by phone or email to correct the spelling of your name on your reservation. Charges may apply.
You can change the day of traveling up to six hours before the scheduled departure time of your intended flight. Change fees apply and any difference in fare will be added.
If you made your booking online on our website, changes can be made easily and conveniently! Just click 'manage my booking' in your booking email or go to the home page - Manage booking.
If you need further assistance, contact us via email at reservations@fly-winair.com
Please contact us by phone or email to remove a passenger from your reservation or booking.
You may cancel your reservation/booking up to six (6) hours prior to the scheduled departure of your flight by contacting us by phone or email. All tickets are bold[non refundable], but depending on the fare you may receive a credit voucher, penalty fees may apply.

If you booked your ticket through our booking pages of this website, you can cancel your booking online. Go to bold[manage booking] on the home page or click on 'manage your booking' in the booking confirmation email you received. Keep in mind that all our tickets are non-refundable, so you will not receive a full refund, read the refund rules carefully before you proceed with the cancelation online.

If you have to cancel your flight, you can receive a credit voucher for the full value of your booking, but it will depend on the fare and penalty fees will be charged. In that case do not proceed with cancelation online but email us: reservations@fly-winair.com to cancel your reservation or booking and receive your credit voucher.
If you do not cancel at least six (6) hours prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight, do not show up for your flight, or do not board the aircraft for any reason, your reservation will be automatically cancelled and you will forfeit the value of your reservations. You are therefore advised to always change or cancel any reservation that you do not intend to use it. If you don't show up or cancel your flight there isn't any possibility to get a refund or credit in any way.
The currency we use is US dollars.
If you made your reservation through this website, it is possible to change your reservation online. Either go to the home page - Manage booking or click on 'manage my booking' on your confirmation email. Change fees apply and any difference in fare will be added.
Change fee amounts are dependent of the fare purchased. Change fees may range from US$ 30 to US$ 75 per segment per passenger plus any difference in fare when changing your booking.

if you have any questions about the fares difference or change fees, or need further assistance with your changes, email us at reservation@fly-winair.com
You may book up to nine (9) passengers on a reservation online.
If you would like to book travel for ten (10) or more passengers traveling together as a group, please contact us directly, your ticket office, or your travel agent.
email or call our reservation and charter department, if you wish to talk to one of our representatives: +1 721 5454237
small[(our offices are located on St. Maarten, Dutch Caribbean, so international charges may apply)]

Special Requests

All special requests must be arranged by contacting us.
Winair takes every practical precaution to protect your confidential information. When you book your reservation on fly-winair.sx, we require you to use a web browser that has security technology also known as encryption technology, to ensure that your credit card and personal information are safely transmitted via the Internet.
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Effective April 14, 2022 our product offering has changed: you now have a greater choice to suit your specific travel needs. The type of fare you book determines your free checked bags.
→ The lower fares may not include a free checked baggage.
→ Our range of fare options are: Full Flex, Semi Flex, Basic, Web Saver.
Before you continue, make sure you familiarize yourself with the new baggage rules.
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