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When you're flying with us with baggage, we recommend adding your bags online. It's the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to get ready for your trip. Plus, it's cheaper to add bags online than it is at the check-in counter.

Here are just a few of the benefits of checking in your bags online:
→ Save money: Online baggage fees are lower than counter fees.
→ It's easy: Just go to manage your booking to add checked baggage to your booking. Keep in mind you have to do this per flight!
→ Save time: At airports that have automated baggage drop off, you can skip the long lines at the check-in counter.

Overweight/ oversized bag charges are collected upon check in at the airport.

Please ensure all checked baggage meets our weight and dimension requirements:
Max weight 50 pounds/ 23 kilos.
Infants are allowed one piece at 10 kilos.
Max dimension (L+W+H) of 62 inches/ 157cm.
No perishable items.

Check in baggage Online

50Lbs/23Kg or less:

 OnlineSales office/airport counter
1ST BAG$10.00$15.00
2ND BAG$40.00$45.00
3RD BAG$90.00$95.00

 OnlineSales office/airport counter
2ND BAG$40.00$45.00
3RD BAG$90.00$95.00

These baggage rules apply for WINAIR flights, in case of Code Share flights the operating carrier rules may apply, which may differ from ours.
All charges are calculated on a one way basis

Overweight baggage

If you have overweight baggage, charges and fees are collected at the airport. We may be able to accept baggage in excess of 23kg but less than 32kg under the following conditions:
on space availability only*.
Dimensions should not exceed 62"/ 157cm (L + W + H).
No perishable items

Overweight Checked baggage (51-70Lbs/ 23-32kg) fees

1st bag $ 40
2nd bag $ 65
3rd bag $ 115
All charges are calculated on a one way basis


1st bag $ 25
2nd bag $ 65
3rd bag $ 115
All charges are calculated on a one way basis

Oversize baggage

If you have oversize baggage, charges and fees are collected at the airport. We may be able to accept oversized baggage under the following conditions:
Dimensions should not exceed 62"/ 157cm (L + W + H), if your baggage exceeds these dimensions contact us for more info.
on space availability only*.
No perishable items

Oversized Checked baggage fees
1st bag $ 60
2nd bag $ 85
3rd bag $ 135
All charges are calculated on a one way basis

Other Checked baggage guidelines

For details and more information regarding carry on baggage, please check our carry on baggage info page


Lost baggage is often the consequence of the baggage label having detached from the bag. To allow identification of your bag in all situations, make sure to have your name, telephone number and email address appear outside of your bag and a copy of your travel itinerary inside your bag.


We recommend that you do not pack valuable items in checked baggage.

Mobility Aids

Approved mobility aids may be carried in the aircraft cabin subject to space or will be checked in as a free item.

Traveling with Pets

We only transport small domestic pets, such as dogs, cats and small birds.
Conditions apply, so please read more regarding travel with pets here

Sport and Musical instruments

Sporting equipment and musical instruments within the maximum weight and linear dimensions may be allowed as part of your checked baggage, with the exception of the below mentioned equipment.
For more details and information see our special baggage page

Equipment that cannot be accepted as carry-on or checked baggage

Due to their large size and handling complexities, some sporting equipment cannot be accommodated through our airport baggage system or within our aircraft holds. Therefore, we cannot accept the following equipment as baggage:
Equipment for hang gliding
Windsurfing boards and sailboards

Interline and code share partners: depending on the journey involved, the most significant airline taking in the journey, baggage allowances and charges will apply. IATA Resolution 302 applies in this case.

* on space availability only means that the bag will only be loaded if weight & balance and/or volume metric of the aircraft allows it. If the baggage is not able to be loaded on the same flight as the passenger it will be forwarded to the destination on a next available flight as soon as possible.
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