Sport and Musical instruments

We allow certain types of sporting equipment and musical instruments, which may form part of the allowed checked baggage, the fare booked will determine the baggage charge. The maximum weight allowed per item is 50lb/ 23kg with maximum dimensions of (H+W+L) 62"/ 157cm.

Oversized sporting equipment and musical instruments will be permitted as excess/oversized baggage on a standby basis, at the applicable excess baggage charge.

In all cases, ensure proper casing and/or packaging, WINAIR does not assume liability for damage.

Musical Instrument

Musical instruments are not included in passengers' free baggage allowance and should be stored in proper hard casing. Checked baggage charges and conditions apply and are accepted on a space-available basis only.

Diving Equipment

Scuba Diving equipment is accepted. Checked baggage charges and conditions apply per bag checked and are accepted on a space-available basis only.

note: the scuba tank must be emptied of compressed air and the regulator valve removed.

Golf Equipment

There is no special charge for golfing equipment. Golf bags are accepted as a passenger's baggage.


Winair is not able to accept Bicycles that are not disassembled and properly packed for carriage. Cycling equipment accepted consists of one (1) single-seater, non-motorised; touring or racing bicycle. The bicycle must be placed in a cardboard container, pedals and handlebars should be encased in plastic foam or the handlebars should be fixed sideways and the pedals removed. In the interest of safety, tires should be deflated. The weight is not included in the passenger's baggage allowance and therefore bicycles are subject to a charge of:

US$ 50.
Bicycles will only be accepted on a space-available basis.

Surf Boards

Due to the limits of our Aircraft baggage hold, Winair is not able to accept Surf Boards exceeding maximum dimensions of (H+W+L) 62"/ 157cm, on our flights.
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