Winair in the News; The Daily Herald Interview with our CEO

February 29, 2024
Last week our CEO Hans van de Velde met with Jacqueline Hooftman, a reporter from "The Daily Herald" to share his vision for Winair's future.

In a candid exchange with TDH, Van de Velde discussed the challenges and opportunities facing Winair in the ever-evolving aviation landscape.

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Hans van de Velde, previously the managing director of TUI France and TUI Maroc, assumed the CEO position at Winair in July 2023, succeeding Michael Cleaver. Notably, TUI (Tourism Union International) holds a prominent position in the global tourism platform sector, boasting an impressive portfolio of assets. These include over 400 owned hotels, a fleet of 16 cruise ships, five airlines equipped with approximately 130 aircraft, and a network of 1,200 travel agencies offering destination services worldwide.

Van de Velde's extensive 18-year tenure with the TUI Group underscores his seasoned leadership in the industry.

In the interview Van de Velde shared insights into his vision for Winair’s future. He explains that Winair embarked on the training necessary to start the IOSA certification process; “Our aviation operations are currently 95% compliant, IOSA is very strict, we must meet their requirements 100%. We will achieve that in the course of 2025.”
Winair currently boasts 10 interline agreements, facilitating seamless passenger coordination across multiple airlines, eliminating the hassle of additional check-ins or baggage handling during layovers. Once IOSA certification is completed Winair can build more and stronger partnerships.

Van de Velde further hinted at plans to expand Winair’s network by adding two new airline partners in the near future. Additionally, he referred to an imminent announcement unveiling two new destinations, highlighting Winair's commitment to enhancing connectivity across the Caribbean region.

read the full article of the Daily Herald - "Winair CEO Hans van de Velde: Our success is defined by collaboration"

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