April 11, 2023
WINAIR welcomed the DCCA Task Force for a site visit Friday, March 31, 2023. The DCCA Task Force team is comprised of business development managers of the Dutch Caribbean Airports and ... is the purpose of this Task Force to promote connection within the Dutch Caribbean with stakeholders in seeking ways to reduce the travel costs within the Dutch Caribbean.

WINAIR was honored to present the DCCA Task Force with a brief presentation covering all operational aspects of the company, followed by a tour of our facilities including our ticket counters, gates, operational, maintenance, and ground handling departments. The tour was led by WINAIR’s Operational Director Mr. Edwin Hodge, Ramp Manager Addisson Boston, Passenger Handling Manager Lisa Brooks, Chief pilot Michael Awai and Maintenance Director David Jarramillo.

The Task Force consisting of Marieke Smit of the Schiphol Group, Mrs. Christine Driessen of NACO, Mrs. Jo-Anne Arends of the Aruba Airport Authority, Mrs. Peggy Croes of Curacaos Airport Partners, and Suzy Kartokromo of PJIAE left with a good impression and with a greater understanding of the extension, and complexity of WINAIR’s operations. As they continue on their mission seeking to achieve better connectivity and more affordable travel costs for the public.

“Meetings like these are important to work towards a better understanding, improve connectivity and seek cooperation with each other and stakeholder to find cost-effectiveness in an increasingly competitive environment in the Caribbean region,” stated Mr. Cleaver, President & CEO of WINAIR, “We look forward to more meetings like this to achieve those goals.”

In front page picture left to right:
Helena de Bekker – WINAIR, Peggy Croes – Curacao Airport, Claudio Buncamper – WINAIR, Suzy Kartokromo – SXM Airport, Christine Driessen – NACO, Edwin Hodge – WINAIR, Jo-Anne Arends – Aruba Airport, Marieke Smit – Schiphol Group, Michael Cleaver – WINAIR


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