WINAIR strives to give back to our communities, through sponsorships.

Sponsorship guidelines

When considering requests, WINAIR favors organizations and efforts that are most likely to enhance a community’s cultural and economic vitality and improve the quality of life for its citizens.


Provide sponsorship to charitable and cultural organizations within our communities.
Maintain a reasonable balance of contribution by supporting a range of organizations.
Through sponsorship WINAIR will receive positive and public publicity.

WINAIR reserves the sole and absolute discretion to determine recipients of sponsorship. WIMAIR may exclude or include organization’s contribution of airline tickets as determined appropriate. WINAIR does not provide monetary sponsorship.

Interested? Please fill out the appropriate sponsorship request form below.

Sponsorship forms

Non-profit Organization/NGO
Commercial Organization
Tourism Organization
Travel Advisory

Travel Advisory

Ongoing construction at our main hub SXM Airport may come with some inconvenience. Especially for connecting passengers with separate tickets we advise you to ensure at least 150 - 180 minutes connection time, when booking your ticket!
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