Seat Reservation

We understand that traveling can be stressful, especially when you're trying to coordinate with a group of friends or family members. That's why we offer seat reservations, so you can be sure that you'll all be able to sit together and enjoy your journey.

Why reserve a seat?

There are many benefits to reserving a seat, including:

Guaranteed seating: When you reserve a seat, you're guaranteed the seat you selected. This is especially important if you're traveling during peak hours or on a busy route.

Sit together: If you're traveling with a group, you can reserve seats together so you can chat and socialize during your journey.

More legroom: If you're tall or have long legs, you can reserve a seat with more legroom so you can travel comfortably.

How to reserve a seat

To reserve a seat, during the booking process you will be able to select seats for each flight and each passenger very easily with a simple click on the preferred seat on the cabin map.
Already confirmed your booking, but do want to reserve a seat? No problem! go to Manage my Booking and you will be able to reserve your seats by going to 'Additional Services'
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Keep in mind, that this is only available for our ATR flights, not for flights with our smaller Twin Otter airplanes.

Seating options

We offer a variety of seating options on our ATR aircraft to meet your needs, including:

Window seats: Window seats are perfect for enjoying the scenery and taking photos.
Aisle seats: Aisle seats are convenient for getting up and moving around, and they're also a good choice if you need to use the restroom frequently.
Bulkhead seats: Bulkhead seats have more legroom than other seats, but they don't have a window or under-seat storage.

The reservation fee for a window and aisle seat is us$5.00 and for the bulkhead seat us$15.00

We look forward to helping you to your reserved seat and making your journey more enjoyable!
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