All baggage in excess of the free allowance will be subject to an extra charge and the following conditions:

First free checked baggage depends on the fare you booked, lower fares may not include free checked baggage.
Accepted excess baggage (2nd & 3rd bags) are on stand-by basis* and will be accepted/ denied based on WINAIR's strict safety protocols.
No single bag weighing more than seventy (70) pounds or 31 kg will be accepted.
Passengers are generally restricted to two pieces of checked baggage per person.
Dimension should not exceed 62" (in length, width, height). For oversized bags contact us for more info depending on your flight.
No perishable items.


The charges and fees to be applied to excess, overweight, and oversized baggage can be found on our main baggage page. All charges are calculated on a one-way basis.

You can manage your booking to add baggage to your booking easily online, or upon check-in at the airport.
Overweight/ oversized bag charges are collected upon check-in at the airport.

*Stand by basis means the bag will only be loaded if the weight & balance and/or volume metric of the aircraft allows it. If it is not on the same flight as the passenger it will be forwarded to the destination on the next available flight as soon as possible.
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