Even though we do everything we can to avoid it, sometimes baggage gets damaged during transport.

Regular handling of your bag may leave scratches, marks, minor dents and other signs of use. We are not liable for these smaller damages. Also we do not take responsibility for

damage or breakage of protruding or loose parts of luggage, such as but not limited to wheels, handles, zippers and straps
An existing defect with the bag
The bag’s poor quality
Overpacking the bag
Damage due to perishable items

Claim damaged baggage

If your baggage is more severely damaged, please always make sure you report this to the baggage desk or WINAIR agent at the airport to assist you with filing a Property Irregularity Report. Keep a copy of this report and its reference number. You have 7 days from the date of your baggage's receipt to file a claim.

Contact our Customer Care department to file your claim >>

Compensation for your baggage

Compensation claims made for baggage tagged with limited release tag indicating any damage will not be accepted. Should damage to a passenger baggage occur, upon the condition that it is determined the event which caused the damage took place on board the aircraft or during any period during which the Carrier had custody of the Checked Baggage, WINAIR will undertake the expense of repair.
If repair is not possible, amount of the compensable damage will be determined in accordance with WINAIR's terms of service and the Warsaw Convention.

Interline and code share partners: depending on the journey involved, the most significant airline taking in the journey, baggage allowances and rules will apply. IATA Resolution 302 applies in this case.
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