Interline Tickets

Interline passengers only have one ticket including the airline connecting to or from Winair. Interline passengers can have their baggage checked thru to their final destination if their trip includes the required minimum connecting time between the 2 airlines.

Time interval generally required for checked thru baggage:

From Air France to Winair: 60 Minutes.
From other major airlines to Winair: 90 Minutes.
From Winair to Air France: 120 Minutes.
From Winair to other major airlines: 120 Minutes.

The following airlines have an Interline E-ticketing agreement with Winair:

Air Antilles
Air Caraibes
Air France
British Airways
Caribbean Airlines

If your trip doesn't fullfill the conditions above, refer to the independent tickets section.

Independent Tickets

Passengers that have purchased separate air tickets on Winair and another airline are not eligible to having their luggage transferred automatically to their final destination.

These passengers should first clear immigration at their connecting point, collect their luggage and proceed to the Winair or other airline counter to be checked in for your next flight. Allow maximum time as this process is time consuming.

Recommended time to plan:

From major airlines to Winair: 90 - 120 Minutes.
From Winair to major airlines: 120 - 180 Minutes.

Important considerations:

During peak hours from 12pm to 6pm (local time), the airports usually get very congested and the process for clearing immigration and security take longer than usual.
Most major airlines close their flights 60 minutes prior to departure.
For passengers traveling on separate tickets: Winair assumes no liability or responsibility for any misconnections caused due to but not limited to delays, air traffic delays etc.
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Effective April 14, 2022 our product offering has changed: you now have a greater choice to suit your specific travel needs. The type of fare you book determines your free checked bags.
→ The lower fares may not include a free checked baggage.
→ Our range of fare options are: Full Flex, Semi Flex, Basic, Web Saver.
Before you continue, make sure you familiarize yourself with the new baggage rules.
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