Nestled in the eastern Caribbean Sea, Martinique beckons with its vibrant blend of French culture, stunning natural beauty, and rich history. As part of the French West Indies, Martinique is an overseas department and region of France, offering visitors a unique Caribbean experience with a European flair.

From the moment you set foot on Martinique's shores, you'll be captivated by its diverse landscapes, from rainforests to pristine beaches of both white and volcanic sands. The island's crown jewel, Mount Pelée, stands majestically at 1,397 meters, offering breathtaking views and a reminder of the island's volcanic origins.

Venturing along Martinique's coastline, you'll discover a tapestry of beaches, each with its own charm and character. While the southern shores boast idyllic stretches of white sand like Les Salines, the northern coast offers dramatic black sand beaches sculpted by Mount Pelée's volcanic activity.

Beyond its natural wonders, Martinique invites you to explore its rich history and vibrant culture. Wander through the streets of Fort-de-France, the bustling capital, where colonial architecture blends seamlessly with modern amenities. Delve into the island's past at historic sites like Fort Saint-Louis and La Savane Park, or immerse yourself in local culture at the bustling markets and festivals celebrating music, art, and cuisine.

Speaking of cuisine, Martinique is a paradise for food lovers, blending French culinary traditions with Caribbean flavours. Indulge in fresh seafood delicacies, savoury Creole dishes, and tropical fruits bursting with flavour. Be sure to sample local specialities like accras de morue (cod fritters) and boudin créole (Creole blood sausage) for a true taste of Martinique.

Whether you're seeking adventure in the rainforests, relaxation on pristine beaches, or immersion in vibrant culture and cuisine, Martinique offers an unforgettable experience that seamlessly blends the best of the Caribbean and Europe. With its warm hospitality and stunning landscapes, Martinique invites you to discover a world of wonders waiting to be explored.


Entry Requirements

Martinique does not require an online ED card currently.

To find the latest updates, entry requirements and necessary documentation needed to travel to Martinique, go directly to this website:

Airport Office

+ 596 596 42 45 41
+ 596 596 42 45 47 / + 596 596 45 18 82 (Baggage)
No ticket sales at the airport.
Samsic Group
Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport (lost & found baggage)
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