Crown yourself queen (or king!) of chill on Saba! Escape to where lush rainforests meet turquoise seas & volcanic wonders ignite your soul. Hike cloud-kissed trails, dive vibrant reefs & unwind in the picturesque villages. Return invigorated, rejuvenated & utterly spellbound. ✨
Saba Day Trip special

Book your day trip here on this website or at our sales office on Airport Road #69, St. Maarten.
Booking period: until 30st July 2024
Travel period: until 31st July 2024

➞ Same day trips only & applicable to flights departing SXM before 11 am and returning after 4 pm,
➞ Limited seats per flight available,
➞ Prices guaranteed upon ticketing only.

When booking your day trip, select the same day for departure and return date
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Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 09.44.40

Keep in mind that limited seats are allocated for this day trip special
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Should the day trip fare not be available, our regular websaver fare will show, for example
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Tickets are nonrefundable.
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