With unity there is strength

May 16, 2022
That is the coat of arms slogan of the Haitian flag, a powerful representation of the resilient people’s enduring fight for freedom. The national flag holds great significance in Haitian culture and the symbolic colors of the flag are recognizable with the distinctive red and blue shades.

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The history behind the Haitian Flag

Haïti was the first Caribbean territory where slavery was abolished, after the French Revolution the Republican French Government abolished slavery throughout its empire in May 1794, but Haiti’s French population disregarded this as they believed it a necessity for the plantation economy. Rebellion and war ensued and it wasn’t until May 1803 the French position in Haiti became hopeless. In that same year on the 18th of May the Haitian Flag was created by Catherine Flon.

Did you know…

Since 1938, the patriotic song Fière Haïti, also known as "Hymne à la Jeunesse", was written in 1937 by Édouard Antonin Tardieu, following a competition of the Ministry of Education, and the music was composed by Desaix Baptiste, has been sung proudly every May 18, on the occasion of the Flag Day.

Haitian Flag day

So Haitian Flag day is a celebration and commemoration of the heart and soul of the people of Haiti, the first Black Republic. Events take place all around the world, where Haitians gather and enjoy the day, taste some local Haitian food, listen and dance to the kompa, carnival and other local music.

On a personal note

I am Elizabeth, I work as an intern at Winair and proud to be Haitian. It is because of our history, that we are even stronger today. We have various cultural routs, music, our dances (Kompa) and our local dishes are one of the best and known in the Caribbean. After all that our nation has been through in the last few years, we are still brave and strong and that is what makes us who we are today.
Haïti has a long history to learn lessons from, and has a deep and wide culture which is very interesting. Haïti is a wonderful Island with a tropical climate, the beaches may not be as well known but are very beautiful. I also really love our language (Creole) which can make us sound really funny sometimes. Yes, I am proud that my parents are from the “Pearl of the Antilles”.

This May 18, I invite you to see if there is an event or parade near you and go out and taste a little bit of our beautiful culture!


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