Winair Connecting Nevis to the World

March 5, 2024
Let's delve into how Winair seamlessly connects Nevis to the rest of the world, opening up a world of possibilities for residents and travellers. With just one stop in Sint Maarten, Winair connects Nevis to the rest of the Caribbean as well as major international hubs around the world.

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With our flights to and from Nevis, we create a vital link and offer unique convenience for both residents and visitors.

From our hub at the Princess Juliana International Airport in Sint Maarten, we can easily connect Nevis to one of our other Caribbean destinations including:

● Antigua
● Dominica
● Tortola
● St. Barths
● St. Eustatius
● Martinique
● Saba
● & more

This connectivity opens up endless possibilities for having unforgettable experiences. And it fosters meaningful connections by bringing you the opportunity to visit those friends and family members you've just not seen for too long.

With our regional interline partners, it is also possible to fly to many more regional destinations such as Trinidad, Anguilla and Guadeloupe to just name a few.

In our commitment to support regional connectivity Winair doesn't stop at connecting Nevis to just the Caribbean. Through our fast network of international interline partners with major carriers such as JetBlue Airways, United Airlines & Air France-KLM, travellers can seamlessly connect to destinations around the world such as:

● New York
● Miami
● Paris
● Panama
● Amsterdam
● & beyond

Nevis is now just a flight away from connecting to major cities across the globe. Check our Connecting Flights page to see recommended time intervals in between flights.

By air Nevis is only directly connected to the U.S. Virgin Island, St. Thomas. However, with our flights Nevis is more accessible than ever before. We believe in unlocking Nevis' full potential as a travel destination by connecting it to the rest of the world, and offering the rest of the world the possibility to discover Nevis.


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