Celebrating one month of own ATR Service & Quiz winner!

August 21, 2023
Time flies when you're in the sky, and just like that, a month has passed since we started our ATR operation with our new ATR in our own beautiful livery! To commemorate this milestone, we had decided to add an exciting twist to our passengers' flights – they would find a QR code to an online quiz

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Imagine settling into your seat, gazing out the window at the world below, and finding a small but intriguing QR code waiting for you in the headrest pocket. That's precisely what our passengers experienced during the past month! Our QR code quiz was designed to spark curiosity, challenge the mind, and add a touch of entertainment to the flight.

Putting Passengers' Knowledge to the Test

The quiz comprised three simple yet thought-provoking questions, each related to our destinations and the unique aspects of our airline’s destinations:

1. Which destination is not yet a WINAIR destination?
- Answer: Barbados

2. Which destination boasts the shortest runway?
- Answer: Saba

3. Which island is still being formed by geothermal volcanic activity?
- Answer: Dominica

Among the passengers who answered all three questions correctly, we randomly selected a winner – Shakaylee! Her knowledge and keen observation skills paid off, and we were happy to congratulate her on her victory. This morning, Shakaylee visited us to claim her well-deserved prize, 2 roundtrip tickets to any WINAIR destination!!!

Looking Forward to More Adventures

As we celebrate this one-month milestone, we're looking forward to even more exciting times ahead. The first month of service with our own ATR aircraft has been an incredible journey of growth, learning, and memorable moments. Our passengers have not only reached their destinations but also embarked on a fun and interactive ride with our QR code quiz. Congratulations once again to Shakaylee, and a big thank you to all our passengers who participated in the quiz!!

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